Better Visibility and More Patients is What This Medical Practice Needed

51% More Phone Calls | 25% More Appointments Booked | 70+ 5-Star Reviews


Problems This Practice Faced

The problems that this medical practice encountered are common problems that we have seen across many industries;

  • They had a terrible reputation online with multiple 1 and 2 star ratings

  • Their 6 office locations had incorrect data on their listings (wrong images, wrong hours of operation, wrong doctors, etc)

  • The physicians had multiple citations across the web from previous hospitals or practices

  • There wasn’t a clear digital marketing strategy in place

  • And much more…


How We Solved It

When we approach developing a strategy for locally based businesses that thrive on long-lasting relationships, we focus on a few key elements of strategy to help drive great results;

  • We implemented a reputation management campaign and patient follow-up to drive better reviews

  • Implemented comprehensive on-site SEO

  • Built out individual doctor profiles with consolidated location pages

  • Launched a complete revamp strategy to optimize their multiple Google business listings and keep them optimized

The (On-going) Results Of Our Work

The CEO of the practice who ran it alongside the founder was very focused on the actual results of our work. She wanted to see real numbers for the ROI that we could demonstrate was the most powerful thing we could present, and here is what we saw:

70+ 5 Star Reviews in 3-months

The competitors of this practice had O-K reviews but they were still higher stars and less passionate (one reviewer left a 4 paragraph negative review on every single one of our practice’s listings). After implementing our reputation management strategy and patient follow-up process, we have driven more than 70+ 5-star review for our Google Business listings. Practice locations which suffered from low search volume are now thriving when compared to previous months.

51% More Phone Calls

After implementing our comprehensive on-site SEO and Google Business listing strategy, we saw a 51% combined increase in on-site phone calls and business listing phone calls. A percentage can be telling, but to put that into real numbers it comes to 292 MORE calls over a 5 month period. We’ve seen that number steadily grow in the months following as well.

25% More Consultations Scheduled

Leverage clear and well placed on-site CTAs and our Google Business listing and Bing search listing buttons, we have been able to drive 25% more online scheduled consultations across the board in 1-year. One of the biggest ways that this practice gets new patients is through their complimentary consultation process making each call and consultation request incredibly valuable.

24% More Online Searches

Better reviews, localized business listings with a high number of quality citation listings have been instrumental in driving more overall discovery searches. We have also seen an increase in map search views, mobile searches, and branded searches looking for specific doctors who now live at the practice. This increase in search volume has helped get more calls to each practice and delivered awesome value.


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